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Visualise Wedding Photography
Documentary Wedding Photographer
​Oxfordshire           London           South Of England
Our Documentary Wedding Photography is all about the moments, un-posed and natural in there beauty.
wedding photography in oxfordshire, the bride crying with joy
cotswolds wedding photography, the bride placing the wedding ring on her finger.

I became a Wedding Photographer not only through a passion for Photography but also a desire to do things simply and naturally, without posing couples, this was my aim and this is now what i am know for and i shoot weddings all over Oxfordshire ,the Cotwold's and indeed the UK and where ever i go i use the same principle of shooting candid ,reportage images of my couples. 

oxford wedding photographer, bride smiling at her groom
documentary wedding photographs ,oxfordshire bride smiling at her husband.

As a Documentary Wedding Photographer i walk miles, quite literally during a day, i like to use a long lens so i am not in the way and i skirt the room or the venue waiting for that special moment, and i capture it in a second before it goes, lost forever. 

I dont think much about it, i suppose it comes naturally to me and couples always say how discrete i was and how little they noticed me, PERFECT, thats what i want.

Of course during the Wedding day we will do the group shots with family, we cant get away with that, the Mother-in-Law insists but when it comes to the intimate couple shots i still dont pose you, i simply ask you a question and let the emotions evoke that moment which i capture quickly, it takes minutes, the images are unique and never will 2 couples have the same wedding album.

Sometimes i let the couple lead, i will use scenarios and just let the bride and groom do things there own way, again it makes for a special unique wedding collection because if i pose you then i do so as i would with my wife, and everyones photos will be the same but if you guys pose yourselves bu jst being you then its all going to be about you and your day, trust me its brilliant. 

the groom holds his wifes face in hi hands, cotswold wedding photograph

If you like this style and want to know more then give me a call or drop me an email and we can discuss your day , its your day remember , so make it unique and dont accept anything less than perfect 1!

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